After the morning classes, the small ensembles break out to work on their tunes for the concert on Sunday afternoon ( 4pm Sonoma Country Day School), hopefully all of us improving our skills along the way.  Then lunch, then the big group rehearses the tutti numbers, then a Chanticleer masterclass.  Dinner Friday night was followed by the traditional and much-anticipated Talent Show.

Eric, Ben, and Adam's group working on a Russian piece, Adam being our resident Russian expert.

There was a big  discussion of tuning in Gregory's group.  The dog remained curiously silent on the subject.`

A tuning exercise proposed by Bob Worth.

Matt, Casey and Michael A., group (which is Shakespeare themed) working on maintaining the pulse of a very slow piece.

Brian, Cortez and Ben Johns and their group were Jack Halloran's arrangement of "Camptown Races."

Lunch is one of two downtime moments in the day - the other comes after the 2pm tutti rehearsal.

Signing up for talent night - you'd be surprised at all the talents this group has - dancing singing, you name it - and how they're not afraid to show off!

Waiting for the tutti rehearsal to start. There's always lots of talk about.