When we first imagined Chanticleer in Sonoma, in collaboration with Sonoma Bach, the Green Center was a gleam in the eye of Don and Maureen Green and Sonoma State University.At the time of our first Chanticleer in Sonoma, what is now the Sanford and Joan Weill theater there was a piece of land, and an architectural design replicating Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood.

Chanticleer in Sonoma, in the intervening years, took place at Charles Ives Hall and related classrooms. Now we are able to use the classrooms in the education wing of the Green Center and, for the first time, this year the Hall. This was a wonderful experience for all - to celebrate our achievements, after 5 days of intensive work, in a world class concert hall.

It's always bittersweet when we come to the end of our mutual escape into a life which consists only of making music, and good company. The final number - Ave Maria by Biebl ( what else) celebrated the last Chanticleer concert by Mike Axtell and Casey Breves. They'll be back in a few weeks to record our new jazz/pop album, but this was the last time we'll stand on stage with them. Fortunately, many participants in Chanticleer in Sonoma will come back in 2015 - and that's something to celebrate.

Today we rehearsed in the hall all day, then performed for an appreciate audience of friends and family.