After four and a half days of fun and hard work there we were - 77 of us- giving our final concert ( standing room only) at Sonoma Country Day School in the lobby of the Jackson Theater which provides a magnificent acoustic.

Sonoma Country Day School is in Santa Rosa.  Santa Rosa is permeated with Peanuts; Charles Schultz lived there and his wife and company are very generous to the community.  You can get a statue of a Peanuts character, decorate it yourself and use it to raise funds.  Hence Woodstock graces the entrance to the performing arts building.

We continued working on specific skills and rehearsing our performance pieces in the morning, then had a last lunch together.

A mini LAB Choir reunion:  two colleagues of  of Emily ( known as Emily LAB in Sonoma since there was another emily) visit for lunch and the concert.

After lunch rehearsal for the  concert. We did our first piece, Handl's "Pater Noster" in a big circle around the audience.

Mia Alatorre arrives for her first concert!

We sang Handl and Pendercki all together to start the concert, then the small ensemble's strutted their stuff.  The Russian ensemble sang Chesnokov, Part, and Taneyev, the Early Music group sang Guseualdo, Monteverdi, Schien and Schutz, The Shakespeare Ensemble presented Matnyjarvi and Ralph Vaughn Williams, and the Chanticleer Favorites Ensemble sang Hawley, MCGlynn, and Finzi and ended with a rousing Camptown Races.   After we sang three Richard Strauss songs by ourselves,   Wagner's Traume, Ezekiel Saw de Sheel and Biebl's Ave Maria were the three final tutti pieces.


The Russian Ensemble

The Chanticleer Favorites ensemble

The Early Music ensemble

The Shakespeare ensemble



A reception followed and we parted until next time - 2013.  Given that half of the 65 participants this year had been to Chanticleer in Sonoma before, we are sure we'll see lots of them here again.  Thanks to Bob Worth and Jayne DeLawter for all they do to make it run super-smoothly.

We're on vacation now!  See you when the new season starts for us with rehearsals on July 12 to prepare for our August 8 departure for Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Poland and Scotland.