Amusing contiguity there on the poster at SUNY Purchase where we performed in their really great recital hall for an enthusiastic audience enlivened by a group of students from Staples High School which will be with us on Wednesday at our Youth Choral Festival. Hungry we're not really - we make sure to eat, and a caterpillar would not have been able to do our schedule since we came from the West Coast to Arlington, VA where we performed for a very happy group at the Army Navy Country Club. The following day we were at the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center in York, then the day after that in Purchase. Today was a return to South Church in New Britain. CT where an already lively audience was raucous in welcoming Marques back to Connecticut (he comes from Hartford.) Students from Litchfield also contributed to the energy of the audience. So that's 4 concerts in a row, time for a day off before we sing in New Canaan on Tuesday night. 20140406-205927.jpg