Although we have a day off between finishing the recording and re-starting rehearsals for our new season (starting on the 14th in San Luis Obispo,) there's lots going on today in Chanticleer-land.
Matt Oltman and Don Fraser are at Fantasy Studios finishing up the editing of our new recordings. Lab Choir 2 is at our place in San Francisco, under the direction of Education Director Ben Johns, hard at work for the fourth consecutive day! They're continuing working on Sumaya and Mechem, with lots of sectionals, punctuated by some listening breaks, for example hearing Jessye Norman singing Schubert's Ave Maria. Pretty much the first time for everybody hearing that great voice.


Above, Lab Choir 2 at our office and rehearsal space. Below, Matt Oltman at Fantasy Studios, working on editing Erika Lloyd's "Cells Planets," the last piece we recorded last week. You can hear it soon!