LAB 6 had a busy day today, spreading the word about the glories of polyphony to schools in San Francisco and demonstrating the beauty of music written for the California Missions.  The day started at Presidio Middle School at 8.15am and ended at 4pm at Mission Middle School.  While all California 4th graders learn about the Missions, memories seems to have faded in most cases, so it's good that LAB 6 serves as a musically illustrated reminder!  LAB 6 is getting a particularly intense dose, as Professor Craig Russell ( who exhumes and edits all our mission music) has taken a shine to them and has shown up at two rehearsals so far! 

The second school in the day was George Washington High School, a session which ended with a joint sing of Deep River with members of the GWHS chamber singers group.   In the period of Mexican baroque singers played instruments as well as singing, demonstrated by our versatile LAB singers.


On to AP Giannini, then, which has participated in our Middle School Festivals, and which is the alma mater of two current LAB participants.


Then a whole assembly at Mission Middle School which is right beside the California mission in which Chanticleer was founded - the Mission Dolores.


LAB's busy tour has only just begun.  There will be concerts throughout the month, including an appearance at Chanticleer's annual Gala.