After 11 uneventful hours in a plane, our favorite bus driver Walter Moosmans met us in Paris with the latest word in buses. It's monumental, and there's a kitchen in the back ( already stocked by Eric.) We did Paris-Brest on the bus in 7 hours or so and had our recovery day off here, in the intermittent rain, yesterday. Tonight we performed for what is now a very friendly and and familiar, and packed audience, in one of the very small chapels that the festival Chant des Chapelles animates with vocal music every summer.Plougastel is where the strawberry was introduced into France, and the region is famous for that and tomatoes which we were available for us when we arrived. After our first "Gypsy in My Soul" we were treated - as is now tradition - to a delicious dinner chez a delightful and wonderful woman named Soazig, who cooks up a storm. We arrived back in Brest at 2am or so, and will drive to Fecamp in Normandy tomorrow.







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