Back to the Napa Opera House for our third Christmas sell-out in a row!  As always we were happy to see choral singing students from Napa High School, with their director Travis Rogers - all looking incredibly sharp!!

The Napa Opera House was lovingly restored by citizens of the Napa Valley.  The auditorium is upstairs, and downstairs there's a rather fun  saloon-like reception area where people can relax before, during, and after concerts, complete with piano player.

In churches at this time of year we don't have to do anything to create atmosphere;  they're usually beautifully decorated.  In a theater there are red lights!


Third in the Christmas countdown:  Brian will be going on the 24th to Knoxville, Tennessee to spend Christmas and New Year's with his mom.  That's all we know, but we do know he IS happy about it!