A very favorable review from last night's concert by Reg. Huston appeared almost immediately.

Our Christmas concerts in Carmel are  always special.  The Carmel Mission is the smallest of our Christmas venues ( 330 seats - always full,) and the audience has been with us a very long time.  The concert is always very close to Christmas, and - unlike any other of our venues-  is a destination for people who make it the feature of a one or two night vacation in this most beautiful part of California.  Stories abound among them of how they came to discover Chanticleer many years ago, and what a special place in their Christmas celebration is occupied by their escape to Carmel.     It was a beautiful cold winter day 

which, by evening,  was very winterish, for California

The sanctuary is warm and intimate and always looks beautiful at Christmas

We share the appreciation of our Carmel audience for the special moment that it is possible to create in this place.  We look forward to being back on our Mission Road tour in June.

Tonight we sing in another beautiful mission - that of Santa Clara.