Everywhere we go, it seems, audiences are the most appreciative of the quietest pieces on the program:  Steven Stucky's "Lulajze, Jezuniu" featuring a solo by Adam Ward,  Jakko Mantyjarvi's "Die Stimme des Kindes"  ( which end the first half of the long program,) and Joe Jennings'  beautiful arrangement of "O Holy Night"  with Matt Curtis singing the solo in the second half.  Perhaps, as Gregory says in his welcome to the audience, we're all needing 'peace, and more peace.'

We were back for the second year in the stunningly remodeled Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento, our performance supported by the Chevron office there.  There's a longstanding Chanticleer fan-base in Sacramento going back to our early days.  They were very vocal about how happy they are to be back in the Cathedral for Christmas.

Usually the 75 miles up Interstate 80 to Sacramento seem much longer because it always pours with rain.  Yesterday  a small Christmas tour miracle occurred - it was a very fine day, there was no traffic- making the trip up much less stressful.  Fingers crossed for similar kindness by the fates today as we travel to Los Angeles for tonight's concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall.