Christmas time again!  As we've said to Casey and Michael Axtell - there's nothing like it! They'll see!  George Mason University in Fairfax, VA was the first, last night, and people seemed to like it a lot - especially Steven Sametz'  "Two Medieval Lyrics" - people clapped for days for Adam Ward's solo - and then got to compliment him some more at the CD stand which he manages.   We debuted our brand new for Christmas piece " The word became flesh" by Jan Sandstrom which is now available as a single at our store. Let us know how you like it!  Speaking of people liking things, we're pleased to report that "A Chanticleer Christmas" is number 335 on Amazon.  Not bad! 

Today we came on to New York for a busy week which starts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by the legendary Christmas tree - always one of our personal favorite moments of the year.  We feel right at home the minute we walk in to rehearse for the two back to back performances attended by so many people we know. Thursday we tape our TODAY Show tunes - stay tuned to find out when they'll air.

Rehearsal at the Met, 2009.