One of our 'historical' destinations, St. Vincent's in Petaluma and its audience have heard many a Christmas concert in its warm and intimate acoustic.  It is wonderful for us to look out and see completely full houses this Christmas; every one of our Bay Area Series ( except last Sunday night in St. Ignatius) is completely sold out.   Last night in Petaluma we had the impression there were a lot of newcomers ( to us) there, which is also very rewarding.  A long line snaked around the church before the 6pm show.








After the two Petaluma concerts, we went on to Sacramento to be there for tonight's concert in the magnificent Cathedral.  It's the best thing to do  as the new Bay Area traffic situation means that you have to leave SF for Sacto by 3pm, or risk not getting there.   

This week really illustrates what A Chanticleer Christmas is about for us, and our staff - daily travel, evenings in which we can't help but be warmed up by the Christmas cheer in our audience, and a different kind of acoustic every night - from the intimacy of St. Vincent's, to the grandeur of Sacramento's Cathedral, the relatively small Santa Clara mission, Walt Disney Concert Hall, then, on Sunday night back to the very large St. Ignatius, and on to the last concert at the tiny Carmel Mission.  When you join Chanticleer you might be forgiven for thinking that you couldn't make it through such a Christmas season, but you do, and you enjoy it!!