Christmas is undeniably a time for traditions and our tradition is to be part of yours. We leave San Francisco for the East Coast the day after Thanksgiving to see familiar faces in Fairfax Virginia and Chicago before taking up residence in New York for a week. It's always a high point of the year to arrive at the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue on a crisp winter afternoon.

An army marches on its stomach - we think Napoleon said. These snacks will sustain us from our arrival for rehearsal around 5pm, though our departure at about l0.30pm after two concerts.

No matter how many times we walk into the Medieval Sculpture Court and see the tree, it's awe-inspiring every time, and puts us right in the Christmas spirit.

Almost as soon as we start to rehearse at about 5.30pm, a long line is forming in the lobby.

Off-stage after the first of six concerts here at the Met. We'll be here again tomorrow night and Sunday night.

In the lobby after each show we meet new people and see old friends who come year after year. Here Matt greets Missie Rennie Taylor who made an evening of the concert combined with a dinner for 50 or so of her friends.