The Mission Santa Clara,  a Bay Area home for us, where we perform at Christmas time and usually once in the fall, was originally founded in 1777.  Like all the missions it needed to be rebuilt from time to time - this iteration dates from l923.  You can tell it's a more modern version of a mission by the width - the older ones are only as wide as the timber beams which held the roof.  It's one of two named after women ( the other being Santa Ynez, and the only one on a university campus.)  It was a fairly dark and stormy day when we arrived to sing 'Mission Road'  to an audience which is always full of very longtime fans, and lovers of early music, and of us singing early music.

As in San Francisco a few days ago, the Louis A. Botto LAB choir bravely started out its musical welcome to the public outdoors, before the cold made being indoors a better idea.  In both places they attracted a lot of interested onlookers.


Our program was again greeted by much enthusiasm.  We recorded it, and we'll see how that turned out!  Craig Russell's excellent program notes are available on our website, for those of you who might be curious.