Erika Lloyd, who wrote and has performed "Cells Planets" many times herself, heard our version the other day and had this to say:

Casey Breves had me at, "hey."  

I have teared up every single time I've listened to Chanticleer's incredible version of "Cells Planets."  I could not have imagined a better way to express the meaning of the song.  On the one hand, Chanticleer's perfect intonation and blend gives the impression of one fantastic organism of sound.  Yet, at the same time there are so many tiny parts and layers shimmering within and around the unifying sound.  Every detail is brought out.  "Smallest is the biggest thing."  Their word painting of a cell being relative to a planet, and all belonging to one thing, one love, is incredible.

I am also just knocked over by the sheer power of their versatile voices.  They move seamlessly from pure crystal clear tones to the raucous and rich voices of gospel singers.  And, the fact that I can actually hear Casey smile when he sings, "I don't know you, but I like you." makes me melt.

Chanticleer, you rock.

Thank you so much, Erika

Erika sings in a group called Choral Chameleon, directed by Vince Peterson who did our arrangement of "Cells Planets."  They have a concert coming up soon in New York - sorry we don't get there until November 30, so we'll miss it:
Choral Chameleon
Marry Me A Little~ A celebration of love and marriage from Byrd to Bartok and Sondheim to Sinatra!
November 14th, 5pm
4th Universalist Society- 76th St and Central Park West NY, NY


Below -  singing "Cells Planets" in Walnut Creek the week before last.  We'll be performing  it next  at Sursa hall at Ball State University (Jace's alma mater) in  Muncie, Indiana tomorrow night September 30.