The thing about the places where we routinely go in the low countries (Bruges, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, etc.) is that they are quite close together so we tend to arrive in the afternoon, sing in the evening, and leave the following morning. Every time we come to Bruges/Brugge we feel a bit cheated - the town is lovely, not to mention the beer and the fries... and very nice people in the audience at the Concertgebouw. This time we will have been here 16 hours before embarking upon a day long journey to Dublin. The length of the trip is necessitated by our need to stick with Lufthansa, and therefore pass through Frankfurt ( again.)This will be our last such big movement - the next big travel day will be home next Wednesday after Dublin and Cork. We're much looking forward to Ireland, so no rush. We were pleased to have a Belgian composer on this program - one who is actually a native of Bruges - Wouter (Wally) de Backer, aka Gotye whose "I feel better" we sang tonight. We were recorded for delayed broadcast on Belgian radio. Here we are on the day of our 11th concert in 8 countries.