Yes, wrong direction, World Series-wise, but duty calls and we head out today for Kansas City and a performance at St. Joseph Church tomorrow night.  Seems like only yesterday we were in Sweden -and in fact it was only last Friday when we came back from that two weeks trip. After KC, there's St. Louis, Holdrege, Nebraska and Morrow, GA for our appearance at the fantastic Spivey Hall  which is a long time Chanticleer presenter.  In Nate Pence's rather unusual first few months as a member of Chanticleer, he has only appeared in Europe.  This will be his first 'domestic' tour.

The night before departure Cortez and Nate had dinner with famed countertenor David Daniels who is in SF appearing in Partenope at the Opera.  Cortez said of Davd:   "He has been an inspiration to us all, and a recording of his gave me hope and helped me switch to study as a counter tenor some 14 years ago.