In last night's first tutti rehearsal we worked on our premiere pieces:  Birdsong, by Dolora Zajick
and Shalom by Elio Bucky and Journey by Karin Kuulpak - the two latter winners of our Student Composer Competition this year, and Birdsong.  The first time hearing a grand operatic voice such as Dolora's live happened for many in the room when she joined the rehearsal of Agnus Dei from Rossini's "Petite Messe Solonnelle."

Today started with breakout sessions with individual choirs and Chanticleer members, followed by seminars for the visiting directors and tutti rehearsal, this time including our big finale for the concert Biebl's Ave Maria, a song very much associated with Chanticleer at Christmas-time.  Dance breaks in the tutti rehearsal seem now to be a singing life tradition.

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