We have to wonder what the Sirens have in store for us after today! Our first flight to LAX was cancelled, our second, to Burbank was delayed. Cortez' suitcase went to LAX anyway, with his concert clothes inside. We drove directly to the hall from the airport, Cortez' car stopping by someplace to rent him clothes ( see below, the vest made him feel as if he were going to the prom) and we were all finally in the hall for warmup by about 6.30pm. Figure out how to orient ourselves on an asymmetric stage. Hall opening at 7pm. It was hotter than, well, Southern California in early September. We choose to think that this was an auspicious start to the anniversary season. BUT -a full house of wildly enthusiastic folks sweated until the air came on, and seemed to love all the narrative turns of our fairly dramatic program "The Siren's Call" lots of music about the lure of love, about ships, the sea and other bodies of water. even a monumental piece about a real shipwreck. It was Michael Bresnahan's first concert with Chanticleer; he says he had fun. Kory had lots of friends and fans in the audience. This was the Artist and Speaker series at California Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks, California, offered free to the university community. Very nice way to start the season. We will see how the Sirens are feeling tomorrow when we head for Denver by way of LAX.