It was hard to imagine


It was hard to imagine that only a few months ago we were in St. Petersburg and Moscow in the dead of winter singing for our first Russian audiences - UNTIL we reconvened with native of St. Petersburg Elena Sharkova ( who had been with us in Russia) to rehearse for our first ever all Russian program.  "Russian Dreams', it's called, programmed by Elena to give a broad and emotional view of Russian music from Byzantium to the present, passing through the fascinating period of the Napoleonic Wars.  Music written for the troops in that war is only now being brought back to light.  Our audiences always seem to like our forays into Russian music when we sing it at Christmas, so now -here's a whole lot of it, and we hope you will enjoy it.  Performances are in Lafayette on June 4, San Jose on June 6, San Francisco June 7 and Sacramento on June 8, all with pre-concert talks by Elena.