Life on the road consists of  a lot of driving eating driving flying - sometimes that's a pleasant thing, sometimes less so.  Today we lucked out!  We left you in San Marcos Texas a few days ago. From there we drove back to Houston, then flew to Lubbock for a concert of sacred music and two masterclasses at Texas Tech.   Then we flew to Knoxville, Tennessee, picked up some more cars and drove to our current hotel in Sylva, North Carolina, about 25 minutes from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee where we perform tonight. So, as we said, that's life on the road.  Of course some days are more fun than others, and some days there are surprises!

 Eating for example:

Sometimes circumstances dictate that our main evening eating is in the dressing room

 Here's a typical dressing room spread.

Then while we're driving there may be.... Cracker Barrel.. some of us are usually happier than others about this.

On election day we were treated to an incredible drive through the Great Smokey Mountains to Sylva, North Carolina, and things brightened up considerably.  Not only was there gorgeous scenery

But it turns out that Sylva, North Carolina - a town of 3000 people- is a gastronomic heaven, with a number of wonderful organic cafes.  Pineapple-glazed Atlantic salmon over a bed of curried plaintain with coconut rice and spicy black beans - well you can imagine how we felt about that.  All the better for being totally unexpected!  We didn't know what we were expecting.. In one of the restaurants we patronized there was a live Irish band!  The road is like that - wonderful surprises await when you least expect them.  Sylva, by the way, is where the movie "Deliverance" was filmed.....We look forward to performing "Out of this World" tonight at the Fine and Performing Arts Center in Cullowhee, to introducing our brand new digital gift cards at the merch. table,  and to frequenting some more of Sylva's restaurants tomorrow before we have to shove off for Charlotte.