Brian, who studied vocal performance at the University of Tennessee, wrote from the car on Saturday:

 We're driving from Alabama to the northwestern-most corner of Tennessee, and two cars independently decided we needed to have lunch at Loretta Lynn's Kitchen. 

After some rough travel from Oklahoma to Alabama (with an unexpected overnight stay in Dallas), we had finally made it to Huntsville on Friday. Before the concert, Gregory and Matt and I did a Masterclass with two very talented college groups, many of whose members stayed for the concert that evening.

We had a fantastic audience in Huntsville and were extremely happy to wish our long-time friend Wilson Luquire a joyous and fruitful retirement. Dr. Luquire first brought us to Huntsville many years ago. Thanks to him, we've formed quite a bond with  the gracious Huntsville audience which now always includes friends and relatives of Gregory who's an Alabamian.  There always seems to be a bit of drama around Huntsville - the time before last there was a big electrical storm WHILE we were performing, last time we couldn't get there at all, so we were thrilled to see them again just now.

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