The Esplanade complex of theaters was opened in 2002 and offers over 3000 performing events every year. Their organization and reception is impeccable - and then some. It's a great hall which immediately reminded us of Verizon Hall in Philadelphia, which we love - turns out the same team designed it. Wonderful audience, wonderful reception. We're ready to come back anytime. Our free time in Singapore has consisted of a lot of the amazing variety of food on offer here, and several of the garden attractions - the Garden by the Bay and the National Botanical Garden - both of which many of us fell into with delight and relief to have some oxygen to bask in and delicious air to breathe. Anyone who's been in China lately will understand. The heat is something else, but didn't really keep us from exploring. Casey's birthday called for some Singapore Slings at Raffles and so on.

Below is the view from our breakfast room. To the left of the Sands Hotel resort ( the three legged building with the boat on top) is the Esplanade which to the locals looks like bug eyes or a durian -the favorite fruit of Singapore.