During this very Grand Tour of Europe, we have had rewarding evenings in many of Europe's most celebrated concert halls, 3 opera houses, and a historic chapel. Last night in Cesis, Latvia
we had an equally rewarding experience, in a different way. The auditorium of the Cesis elementary school was packed with 450 citizens of Cesis, and their mayor, and people who had come from other towns and even from Riga. It is probably safe to say that nobody there had ever heard us live or even perhaps heard anything quite like us live. And as one person said -it was a rare occasion to be able to see American artists in person. The sound in the hall was actually very nice, they gave us a rapturous welcome and response, and one of the cutest things ever happened (keep reading.)
We had set out from Riga at about 2pm, and rode for about an hour and a half looking at snowy trees. There have been posters for our concerts all over - including by the side of the road to Cesis.