Tonight was our debut at the Festival de la Chaise Dieu in the Haut Loire department of France ( next to the departments most affected by the current heatwave.  The Collegiale has a wonderful acoustic for singing, it was packed, and the audience was very warm -literally and figuratively.  We drove over from Aix les Bains, had a few hours in the hotel, then dinner ( rare that we would have a 3 course meal, but the 9pm concert start time in France changes things.)   Christian Lesur ( whose father's music we sing in this "Divine Love" program came from Tours to see us, which was very nice of him, a little reception happened after, and voila!

The Collegiale is made of volanic stone from the volcano which used to be here.

Christian Lesur was complimentary about our performance of three of the Cantique des Cantiques de Daniel-Lesur.  He had come all the way to San Francisco in 2009 for our American premiere of his "Annonciation" and is very encouraging. Lesur's music suits us very well and continues to fascinate us - we'll look for more, perhaps the rest of the Cantique des Cantiques.