We knew life would be better today when our heroic bus driver (from last August) Walter arrived with the big bus in which we will live for the next 10 days. No airports for a while!



There he was and off we set for the relatively short 300km drive to Hildesheim for tonight's concert. After about 10 minutes we found ourselves here:


and here we sat for an hour and a half, wondering why it took an hour and a quarter for a tow truck to arrive - we'll never know. We finally got going, cut short the lunch break and arrived at about 3.15pm, more or less as scheduled. Something new - Brian now has a travelling guitar to while away the time




The Stadheater in Hildesheim is a lovely sounding small hall, with a canteen.


We knocked back some schnitgzel and fries, and greeted a highly enthusiastic audience. A very nice debut here, hope we get to come back!