One of our favorite venues since the beginning of Chanticleer, St. Vincent de Paul in Petaluma has been redone since we were last there, and looks very spruced up. The Virgin of Guadelupe had her usual over the top tribute of flowers. The two concerts were packed-perhaps because we were able to schedule them at 4pm and 6.30pm on a Sunday this time,-and it's one of our friendliest audiences. Fog and light rain and brisk temperatures on this Christmas tour make those of us who are not from California ( that's everybody except Kory and Eric) feel a little more of that winter holiday season mood when it's nice to come in from outside.

Last night at St. Ignatius one of our long time fans, also a supporter and choral colleague, remarked that he really appreciated the chant series opening the concert. Our particular way of putting together this section is one of our hallmarks, and Jace came up with a sequence this year which people are really enjoying. Our friend asked who had arranged the duet lines sung by Kory and Adam to the "Come o come Emmanuel" text. He thought that the second repeat sounded like something Joe Jennings might have done. It actually does, but he didn't - it comes from the Oxford Book of Carols - in case any of you wondered. Joe Jenning's genius is on display in four carol arrangements on this program.



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