It was a lovely day in Galway, until, of course it rained. We had a great day with the friendly population, who all seemed to be aware of our presence, and looked forward to meeting our first Irish audience.

On of the great pleasures of touring Europe in the summer is singing in the fantastic acoustics of historically important churches from centuries we don't have at home. This one, St. Nicholas Collegiate, dates from 1320. Columbus worshipped here in 1477. It is the oldest still functioning parish church in Ireland.

The church was jammed. The audience was completely still and extremely intent - and totally rambunctious at the end.
Seems like they loved us - and vice versa! The co-presenters of our performances in Ireland are Pipeworks of Dublin, and a chorus here in Galway called Cois Cladaigh headed by Brendan O'Connor. They gave us an incredibly warm welcome including a reception afterwards at which they sang for us. This is kind of what we thought (and hoped) Ireland would be like.\\

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