We're pleased to announce that William Fred Scott will be Chanticleer's 5th Music Director.  Fred directed "The Gypsy in my Soul" and went to Europe with us in August; somewhere along the way we all decided to take our relationship to the next step.  Fred has known us since 1994 when he conducted the Atlanta Symphony with 
Chanticleer in a Mexican Baroque program.  A native of Thomasville, Georgia he has had a distinguished career in opera, symphony, and liturgical music.  Of particular note is his long association with choral legend Robert Shaw.
You can read more about him on our website.  Fred will direct "Spanish Gold" at the end of this season, and begin his Music Directorship in August of 2015.   Atlanta, where Fred has lived for many years, is very proud of him. The Atlanta Journal Constitution picked up the announcement immediately.  Below is a picture we took for fun at the Carolands, near San Francisco, in August.

Carolands Chateau, mansion, Hillsborough, California