A second night in Saint Ignatius Loyola on Monday was as rewarding to us, and we hope the audience, as our debut there had been on Sunday.  It's a wonderful place to sing.  We recorded there for American Public Media, and our radio Christmas show will reach you soon.  We look forward to a long and happy association with St. Ignatius Loyola and its wonderful staff.










Tuesday was our travel day home to start our series of  13 West Coast performances.  Snow was falling in New York, but, mercifully, it didn't delay our travel.  A good thing, as we had our annual performance at Stanford University's Memorial Church last night. MemChu is  a longstanding tradition for us and we always look forward to it.  Getting ourselves and baggage on and off a bus ( to the airport) in the snow reminded us that this time next month we'll be heading to some cold European destinations, and Russia, and doing same, many times over.








Memorial Church never disappoints.  It was completely sold out with a warm and friendly audience - a nice thing because we have never known Palo Alto to be so cold.  It's always a bit cold down there, and we know we're spoiled here in California, but it was very wintry.  Perhaps again, to toughen us up for  our impending winter sojourn in Europe









The next stop - another magnificent space -will be the Oakland Cathedral, on Friday night.  Along with almost all of our Christmas stops, it's sold out.