The intimate St. Vincent's in downtown Petaluma is one of our favorite acoustics; particularly fun at Christmas.  Petaluma is  a Christmas town where people love to light their houses,  and Chanticleer has performed here since the beginning - one of our audience members was reminding us that in those early days the audience used to be invited back to the Parish Hall for a dinner provided by the ensemble. ( That sounds like our founder Louis Botto, who was famous for cooking.  It was he who cooked for the ensemble in hotel rooms in those early touring days.)  As well as  the perfect acoustic, there are lots of memories here.

Jace after rehearsal beside the shrine to the Virgin of Guadeloupe which is the focal point of the church.  She is seriously bedecked just now.  

4 in the Christmas countdown ( that means 8 more concert evenings and it will be Christmas):  Jace will go to Kansas City for a few days to see his father, then to a location he calls  Indianapolis-ish to see his mother.  There he will cook the whole traditional Christmas turkey dinner, while his mother watches appreciatively from the couch.  Jace loves to cook. We're sure she's the envy of many mothers.

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