From Gregory on Sunday in Carmel, Indiana:

We're deep in it now. We have sung enough full shows and short programs that we should know what we're doing, though I never feel I do. Two nights ago, we got another chance to run the full program at St. Peter-in-Chains in Cincinnati, Ohio. The cathedral is a regular venue for us, but we've never sung there for Christmas yet. The church is a lovely space, but there's a really crazy-making G# ringing all the time. It has something to do with the organ, but it's funny because you can watch some of us working really hard to keep pieces in without a G#  (or A♭)in the right key. It's funny the things that happen in a concert that an audience member might never know. At any rate, our regular friends at the venue were overjoyed to have us sing a Christmas program for them, and I'm glad it worked out this year that we were able to give them that.

Today, after a relatively quick drive from Cincinnati to Carmel, IN, we debuted in The Palladium, the opulent, recently completed performance space right outside Indianapolis. It is stunningly gorgeous. I wouldn't expect this kind of hall outside of the big three cities in the US, but Carmel has decided that performance is important to it, and we got to benefit from their belief in the arts. What an amazing space. It looks like an old world gem set down in the heart of the midwest. I find that the classical arts are rather conservative and the architecture of the space reflects that. Inside, the acousticians have taken advantage of modern opportunities to make the performing experience very enjoyable for us onstage. I talked to a couple of audience members after who weren't so worried about it, though they were effusive about our performance. 

Then, after the concert, Adam, Cortez, Casey, and I visited Jace's childhood home (sans Jace, unfortunately, who is back in SF) and enjoyed Margherita pizza prepared lovingly by Jace's mom. We enjoyed company and relaxed casually in the kitchen, snacking and laughing. Then we moved to the living room and, amidst crèche and holiday lighting, exchanged stories about Jace over a glass or two of Pinot while Adam busied himself at the piano. It was amazingly restorative. We love bringing Christmas to everyone;  it was lovely to to bask in some homey holiday warmth along the way. 

Love, et in terra pax hominibus, Gregory
The new Palladium in Carmel, Indiana

Christmas cheer with Jace's Mom...