During a break from our Christmas preparations, Matthew Knickman plays HALO COMBAT EVOLVED at the launch party over at Pyramind last night.  Lots of us went, along with members of the S.F. Symphony who had played the instrumental score, people from Skywalker - including our good friend Leslie Ann Jones who has participated in so many of our recordings, the producers from Pyramind and Microsoft.  It was lots of fun.  More and more people are reporting that we sound good on the soundtrack to the game. That makes us happy of course.  

Here's a video about the making of the new musical score for HALO COMBAT EVOLVED, including a little glimpse of us recording last May.

Back to Bethlehem today.  Dale Warland, who we've had a very good time getting to know, will leave us after Monday, we'll rehearse some more Tuesday and Wednesday, eat our turkey on Thursday, then see you out there in Christmas-land.

Scenes from the party: