Our presenter in Fresno has a bit of a problem - no more seats, and some disappointed customers!   Tonight's concert, in the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall in the Clovis Performing Arts Center in Fresno  ( it's our first time there) was promoted last spring to the local high schools, word spread, and there will be a 'mob', as the presenter says, of enthusiastic young people there.   Anyone who waited until the last minute for tickets is now very unhappy and complaining to the box office!    Our concert in Denver the other day was a couple of seats shy of selling out, and our February 25 concert in Harrisburg, VA is already completely sold out.  Although we're sorry of course for those who won't be able to get in, that's the kind of news we like to hear in an age where there's a lot of doom and gloom about live concert attendance.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be doing a Master class with two CSU Fresno groups- the Chamber and Concert choirs, and three High Schools - Clovis East HS, Clovis North HS, and Clovis West HS.

We're looking forward to it all.