The tour was going to end in Selva Gardena, but when the people from Pamplona called, we couldn't resist adding them. It has been at least 5 years since we were there, and we loved it last time. Seemed like a good way to end up. Getting there is another matter. We left our home away from home in Brixen after 3 days which were slightly nervewracking. We had the feeling that our hotel might have been a murder mystery haunted house destination, so very odd was it - lots of corridors leading to strange places, large empty public areas, stairways leading to rooms full of furnitures, spinning wheels with hair on them, mounted animal heads which seemed to be plastic.... And people around who some of us saw and some of us just didn't. So it was with a slight sigh of relief that none of us had disappeared that we embarked for our epic journey to Pamplona.

The bus arrived promptly ( always a bit of a concern in these parts) and we sped on to Innsbruck, where we seemed to have blundered into everybody from Scandinavia going home from skiing. Plane after plane leaving for Helsinki and Stockholm and Copenhagen. For a 2/12 hour wait, no where to sit - hardly even to stand, nothing to eat or drink - a mile long line for a vending machine was about it. We were lucky though, as every other flight was delayed, we snuck out of there in our prop plane over the alps. Never have we looked forward to arriving at Frankfurt Airport, but here we are in the fancy lounge with food and drink, a dynamite Wireless signal, awaiting the 8.20 to Bilbao, where we arrived on time and our bus La Pamplonesa was waiting for us. What was not waiting for us, however was Matthew Knickman's luggage ( including concert clothes and music) so tune into see what we do about that tomorrow. Our l.50am arrival in Pamplona was too late to think about it!

No complaints, of course, just thought you might like to know what we're doing on this penultimate day of the tour. We're looking forward to home.