So, OK, we do have a pretty glamorous and exciting life, making 100 or so appearances all over the place every year and seeing a whole lot of our own country and the rest of the world. Amazing how smoothly it goes, MOST of the time.  For any of you who thinks that we're on some kind of magic carpet miraculously wafting us on time and without incident, though,  here's our last 24 hours.

Yesterday, after a masterclass and concert in Stillwater, Oklahoma the night before we drove our rental cars to the airport in Oklahoma City, to report for our flight to Houston, then Houston to Huntsville, arriving the night before our concert there.  This is kind of a special concert because it is a postponement of  the one which had to be cancelled last year when we couldn't get to Hunstville because of a very  severe and damaging storm, and because we have a long an affectionate relationship with the presenter and the audience there. 

Look on a map - Oklahoma City to Huntsville, Alabama is not such a straight shot...

After five hours of waiting and uncertainty at the airport, while Continental tried to deal with some problem or other which involved the plane, and Houston, we were proposed a number of plans which involved driving vans here and there to find flights, none of which would get us all the way  to Huntsville.   Airlines have eliminated so many flights, so most flights are full or almost, like the possibilities we explored. 

This kind of dilemma involves Brian Hinman, Tour Manager, on the phone constantly with Curt Hancock in our office reviewing options, and Brian managing any collateral trauma which may occur.  Our primary job is doing whatever we need to do mentally and physically to make sure that our voices will be in good shape when we get there.   Brian and Curt eventually determined that the driving in a bus or Van to Dallas, then flying Dallas to Birmingham, then driving Birmingham to Huntsville option was n/a.  We did, however drive the 3.5 hours to Dallas and stay over. Today, we have flown Dallas to Birmingham and are, as we write, driving Birmingham to Huntsville, an hour and 20 minutes or so.  That puts us in in good time for the concert.  Gregory and Matt Curtis are doing a master class at 4pm, so for them there's a bit more stress.

And none of this had to do with weather!!  Lucky we dodged the storms in Oklahoma last week. 

We'll be thrilled to see the friends and family (Gregory's mostly) in Huntsville, and to make up for having to miss them last spring.  Tomorrow we drive 5 hours or so to Union City, TN for a concert at the Civic Auditorium.

Nobody's complaining, we love our job  - sometimes we just like to give you a glimpse of how it it goes sometimes..