The three hour drive from Boston was perfectly pleasant and did NOT offer the opportunity for Matt Knickman's luggage to get lost - which it did ( AGAIN - you'll remember that it went missing on the way to our last European stop in February) on the way to Boston. Some aspects of our life are very regular ( like Christmas) and some are not - like our last Bay Area program "What do you think I fought for" about which just about everything was different. Something familiar and regular is our annual appearance at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in New Canaan, followed by a Youth Choral Festival at Darien High School. All of this was the brainchild of our Board member Dudley Roski, who is the impresario and also ticket taker. This seemed to be the best sold yet, including about 100 high school students, many of whom we will see tomorrow at the festival. The church has a really nice acoustic, and the audience was warm. We can't remember being surrounded by quite so many hyacinths and lilies quite so close. Pharmaceutical measures had to be taken by some!