Our once a year visit to the divine acoustic of St. Vincent in Petaluma, where American Public Media recorded for broadcasts which will start Thursday  in over 200 radio markets.

Petaluma is to the north of us in Sonoma County and historically famous  for all things poultry - chicken, eggs, ducks and so on.  We've been performing there since Chanticleer was born;  it's a very friendly audience who take the time from decorating their Victorians (Petaluma is also famous as a town which does Christmas in a big way)



to put on something red and offer us  calm attentiveness followed by rowdy approval 

Ben's hat attracted record business at the CD stand

 Our contribution to the light show

- us and our candles .  From now on ( with the exception of Disney Hall) we'll be doing our traditional candlelit processional to begin our concert.  It's never possible at the Met (those curators would go up in smoke) or in Oakland (due to their lighting system) but from now on the candles will be lighting our way into some of the most beautiful churches and missions in the Bay Area.  Tomorrow night ( Tuesday)  Stanford's Memorial Church.