The first song on the second half of "Out of this World" is SF Composer Kirke Mechem's very moving  " Island in Space."  It uses the words of Apollo 9 astronaut Russell Schweikart about viewing the earth from space, and hearing the silence. Rusty Schweikart was said to be the model for Jack Nicholson's astronaut in "Terms of Endearment" - they were friends in high school - but we digress... It's the perfect start to the second half of the program, in which modern compositions have to accomodate  the fact that we've been out there in 'the heavens" as opposed to the earlier composers who could imagine what they liked. A second text used by Mechem is by Archibald MacLeish.  Kirke and his wife Doe came to the performance in Santa Clara last night and reminisced about going to the first performance of "Island in Space" with Rusty Schweikart.  The Lab Choir is working on Island in Space too, we hope to hear it soon!  As soon as we get our Highlights from "Out of this World" disc done we'll let you know ( any minute now)  'Island in Space" is on it.