We had a very nice reaction from the audience and presenter in Bowling Green last night which made the TWO DAYS it took to get there from Stamford, Connecticut worthwhile. Had we engendered some bad karma, were we sequestered, were the sirens angry - nobody knows. It started with our sitting on a plane for 5 hours before the flight was cancelled. We split up into two groups, had to overnight, and were then uncertain whether thunderstorms would prevent our landing in Nashville whence we had to drive 72 miles to Bowling Green, and whether all 12 of us would arrive. We landed at 4pm for the 7.30 concert. Maybe Brian will tell you more when he's recovered from managing through all this. The April tour is always rugged in one way or another - this one started with a cancelled flight and a 12 hour bus ride to Portland. Today we are driving to Cincinnati for a concert tonight, tomorrow we drive to Evansville, IN for a concert, then Sunday it's a masterclass and concert in Springfield, Illinois, then on to Spartanburg, South Carolina.. The Chanticleer life is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. There are a lot of stops on this tour which have for a long long time been part of Chanticleer lore and legend and we're always happy to see people who have been fans for longer than most of us have been in the group. Except Eric.