At 5pm last night we finished recording "Someone New" our new jazz/pop CD which will be released in mid-September. We really hope you'll like it - it's something completely new - all ( except for Bill Finegan's) new arrangements commissioned by us for this recording and never heard before from the greatest arrangers we could find. A variety of jazz/pop styles, featuring lots of us in solos, and featuring the great Eric Alatorre doing all the things he does best. Nobody else has Eric, so we're making sure with this CD that you know how incredible his contribution is. Let's see, what else - we couldn't have had a better producer than the internationally renowned Leslie Ann Jones, and the long hours of recording are made so pleasant by the stunning environment at Skywalker Sound. Brian and Jace are working like crazy to getthe editing, mixing and mastering done for our fall release on CD and download, and the high def release for all you audiophiles as soon as we can!

We'll be participating in Skills/LAB next week, and awaiting the arrival of two new members - Marques Jerrell Ruff and Darita Seth - so we can start rehearsing for the fall.

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