It's been about six years since we've sung in Cleveland, so we were very pleased to find ourselves here in the new Gartner Atrium at Cleveland's renowned Museum of Art. The space is quite striking; a harmonious blend of old and modern, which we thought was quite fitting for The Siren's Call. We opened their season, and the folks at the Museum seemed very excited to have us. We needed some very light amplification to make sure everyone could hear us in the large space... we generally shy away from any sort of microphone, but the sound technician was excellent, and the result we achieved was quite nice. The performance was sold out, with an audience that clearly knew music--they were quiet, attentive, and involved from the very first moment. Not a surprise in most ways--after all, Cleveland does have one of the most storied orchestras in the country. It was a very nice evening, with many audience members asking when we'd be back again... Hopefully soon! The next morning, a couple of us returned to the Museum to see what all the Clevelanders were raving about... and we found it. Caravaggio, Monet, Renoir, Picasso, Van Gogh, just to name a few... and LOTS of it. Those of us in attendance agreed it was one of the best museums we'd seen here in the U.S. We could have stayed all day but had to drive to the airport, where we arrived in very heavy snow. Luckily, there were no major travel issues; only slight delays. A five-hour flight to LAX, a brisk walk to the next gate, an hour-long flight to Palm Springs, and twenty minutes in the car to Palm Desert, and here we are... ready to sing another concert tonight.