We arrived in cold and beautiful Paris on Wednesday, had yesterday off to try to deal with the 9 hour difference between San Francisco and here, and tonight had our first concert of the tour.

The Oratoire du Louvre, a Protestant church right next to the Louvre and the Louvre-Rivoli metro stop, is new to us (usually we're in St.Roch) and we really liked its intimacy and warmth. By which we don't mean the temperature - it was pretty chilly in there; the audience kept their coats on throughout which didn't however inhibit the warmth of their response...

We report for work. Matt and Gabriel arrived first.

It's hard to remember that this is the first year for Matt and Ben, but this is their first foreign tour with Chanticleer. It's also Matt's first time in Paris!

We sang our Orlando di Lasso program, which we will repeat in Amsterdam and Luxembourg the week after next. It was clearly an audience which appreciates this kind of music; they were very rewarding to perform for. It was a good evening. Tomorrow night, a second evening in Paris - a tent at the Bibliotheque Nationale with cocktails before (not for us) and after!

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