Behind the music......there's a lot of waiting and sitting. At our Paris hotel, we wait for the bus to Charles de Gaulle airport.

It was a travel day which constantly threatened catastrophe and averted it at every turn! When we arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport for our flights to Vienna (via the dread Frankfurt Airport) we learned that our flight was indefinitely delayed because the equipment was still in Frankfurt due to weather. That didn't bode well, given the connection. We took up residence in the business class lounge to which, happily, we are entitled, being all "Gold." Somehow the delay was only an hour. The pilot then told us that we would needed to wait for de-icing and that there was still 'weather' in Frankfurt. But off we went, and arrived in time for the connection. AND, no complaining about Frankfurt this time (we will be there 7 times in all on this trip, so just wait...) as our gates were really close together- a miracle! (If you know this airport, you know that you can walk miles from gate to gate, and go through security numerous times on the way.)

So, we arrived without undue delay, amazingly enough, and this view from our hotel rooms tells us that it's Vienna, with a light dusting of snow.