We came back from our respective Christmas holidays thinking that our only task was to prepare for our big European tour which starts next week. But no- Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion are in town, and we're invited to appear on the show this Saturday! We haven't done that since l987, so that's a pretty exciting way to start the new year. The show is live in the San Francisco Opera House at 3pm - broadcast live on the East Coast at 6pm, and delayed until 6pm on the West Coast (KQED in the Bay Area.). The other musical guests are Elvin Bishop ( Chicago Blues) and Jean Redpath (Scottish folksinger.)We're still awaiting instructions about repertoire - When Matt met Garrison Keillor at the show last Saturday - he said "we're going to make you do things you never did before -we're going to push you off a cliff..." Perhaps he was kidding, perhaps not. Hard to tell. In any case it will be out of the ordinary. Tune in and see!!