It's a pretty awesome experience to know that 5 million people are listening to you live! It was all quite improvisatory, and we did it! We sang a parody version of the Toreador Song from Carmen (solo by Jace) and a parody version of Shenandoah with Frederica Von Stade ( both with words by Garrison Keillor), we sang "A blind man sat by the road and cried" with GK which was the audience sing along. He talked about our forthcoming European trip and we sang Agnus Dei from Orlando di Lasso's Missa tous les regretz. To finish our participation we sang the gorgeous Hawaiian song Aloha Oe after a very moving monologue about troops coming and going from the Presidio in San Francisco particularly in the Second World War.

By coincidence -- we had recorded Alohe Oe last summer but had not released it yet. We decided that this was as good a time as any to release it - so it's now available for download on our site! We hope you like it.