Last week at Chorus America's annual conference, Chanticleer's General Director Emeritus Joseph H. Jennings was the inaugural recipient of the Brazeal Wayne Dennard Award. The award was established this year with generous assistance from Wayne Brown, former head of the N.E.A.'s music program, now head of the Michigan Opera Theater in his native Detroit. Among other things, the award honors service to the living legacy of African American music - something to which Joe has devoted his musical life. There is rarely a Chanticleer concert which does not include an arrangement by Joe - either in the jazz/pop or traditional spiritual and gospel repertoire; Chanticleer has been Joe's instrument in celebrating the African American musical tradition for hundreds of thousands of listeners live and on radio around the world over the 30+ y ears since he joined the ensemble as a singer, and quickly became music director - a post he held until 2009. We salute Joe who is still so much a part of our lives here at Chanticleer, as did the many at Chorus America who were so glad to see him. 20140615-115213.jpg