We had the day today to enjoy and appreciate the many wonderful things about Dublin - the book of Kells, the Guinness Showroom, the amazing hospitality...We feel very good about this inaugural visit to Ireland. People came from Galway to Dublin to hear a second concert, and some intend to go from Dublin to Wexford tomorrow night. We've been made to feel very welcome.

In the evening we had an encounter (open to the public) with the Mornington Singers, directed by Orla Flanigan. We sang for them, then they sang music by Barber, Tomkins, Whitacre, and Mendelssohn.

Then we worked together particularly focussing on the emotional content of the texts and how to convey it.

Another wonderful evening of Irish warmth; as we've said, we'll be sad to leave. Tomorrow we run out from Dublin to Wexford - a couple of hours, and a beautiful drive - to sing "Wondrous Free" in the new opera house.