Another fantastic day in the recording studio. The biggest project for the last day was Chen Yi's "Spring Dreams" which we have sung all over the world in the last year or so and which now occupies a permanent place in our ongoing repertoire ( like Biebl Ave Maria and Shenandoah) because people like it so much. It's a soundscape evoking the sight and sounds of a beautiful garden which has been has been destroyed in a storm. We recorded a concert version - as it would be heard in concert, that is- and then an enhanced version which will be an even more fascinating soundscape. We recorded a "bug bed" of the insect sounds which are part of the score, and then the multi-talented Ben Johns (our Education Director) came in and did 10 minutes of bird calls.

We do bugs.

Ben does birds.

We eat, we rest, we play. Don and Matt work things out in the booth.

It's a wrap! Until September when we'll do it again. Eric pours some very very good scotch to celebrate. Watch the website for announcements of when you can put these tunes on your playlist. We hope you will!!