We drove over from Dublin to the medieval village of Wexford on the southeast coast of Ireland. Would you imagine that there's an opera house on this street?

There is. If you look up you can see the stage house.

Entering this door which looks like any door to a house on the street is a rather Harry Potterish experience

because presto you find yourself in the spectacular 700 seat Wexford Opera House, opened in 2008 It's all wood, and very beautiful, and there's lots of blue light. There's an opera festival here in October.

Waiting for one of us who scored some new shoes on the way to dinner before warmup.

We did "Wondrous Free" for a third extremely warm and enthusiastic Irish audience who gave us a standing ovation. That settles it, we'll just have to come back! Thanks to Brendan O'Connnor, Mark Duley, Lucy Champion and the members of Anuna (Michael McGlynn's choral group) for going out of their way to give us an unforgettably good time on and off stage during our first visit to the Emerald Isle.